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About Us

How do you do? We are APLYSIA.

A company that believes in what it does, and does so competently and responsibly. A company that believes in sustainable progress and that all forms of life and environment deserve to be protected and preserved. A company that includes tradition and innovation in everything it does.

And speaking of innovation, we develop projects with the use of state-of-the-art-techniques and methodologies acknowledged throughout the world. We also deploy personalized solutions and develop biomonitoring and environmental control researches, with a presence in 15 Brazilian states and in a number of countries.

And this story goes back a long way. We have been developing complete solutions for the industry since 1997. We are

specialists in environmental assessment, acting to detect causes and effects of environmental impacts, in addition to holding expertise in detecting, analyzing and presenting solutions that provide gains in efficiency and cost cutting for companies.

To this end, APLYSIA relies on a team of highly-qualified professionals in the fields of engineering, biology, oceanography, geology and ecology, as well as on an international network of specialized consultants in order to plan, monitor, assess and license industrial, dredging, as well as water and soil environmental management activities, among others.

We have our own laboratory for microbiological and ecotoxicological analyses, accredited under NBR ISO 17.025, and we have assisted a large number of sectors of the economic activities, providing their administrators with instruments for greater agility, resoluteness and assertiveness.

We are capable of doing the best for your company, with different solutions and always seeking excellence. If you wish to enjoy peace of mind, you may rely on us.

Practical results that comply with legislation
and may result in efficiency gains
and cost
reduction for companies.


Offer to our clients peace of mind through customized projects of environmental solutions for water resources, environmental monitoring and ensuring our results and deliveries with competence, responsibility and reliability.


To be leader in overcoming the environmental challenges of our clients.

Values Believe

We believe in what we do;


Positive impact on all actions;


Establishment of standards that becomes reference to be use by federal organization upon environmental regulations;


We combine tradition and innovation on the development of or improving products, processes, methods, modeling and systems;


Continuous ability to understand the moments experienced by our customers, proposing and adapting products, services and solutions to meet those situations;

Be assertive

Managerial assertiveness, technically correct, transparent, measurable, maintaining confidentiality;


Service in association with clients (co-creation);


Specialized in immediate mobilization, based on just-in-time and in field logistics;


Awarded technological leadership.