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Awards and Acknowledgments

Dedication to our work is focused on the best outcome for our customers and all nearby society. And in acknowledgment of these efforts, we have been awarded several prizes that we take much pride in presenting here:

  • Best work of the Environment Technical Session of the 53rd International Pulp and Paper Congress (ABTCP) with the study "Baeline Studies as a Risk Management Tool". 2020

  • 1st place in the Ecology Award, Category Innovation in Solutions for Water Management - Business Focus of the Ecology Award 2016, with the project ReNaturalize. 2016.

  • Best studyin the "Technical Environmental Session" during the 48th International Pulp and Paper Congress with "AVALIAÇÃO DO EFEITO DA CONDUTIVIDADE NO TRATAMENTO BIOLÓGICO DE UM EFLUENTE DE FÁBRICA DE CELULOSE" (Assessment of the effect of conductivity in the biological treatment of effluents from a pulp mill). 2015.

  • Tribute from the State Secretary of Science and Technology (SECT, Secretaria de Estado de Ciência e Tecnologia), in the private company category, as one of the organizations that has contributed to the development of science, technology and innovation in our State by means of sustainable projects applicable to reality. 2015.

  • Third Place in the 15th Ecology Award, Research category, with the project: Renaturalize: Solution for Renaturalization of Water Bodies.

  • Best study in the ?Technical Environmental Session? with "Causas e consequências da formação do bulking viscoso em lodo biológico de uma ETE" (Causes and consequences of the formation of viscous bulking in biological mud of an Effluent Treatment Plant), Brazilian Technical Association of Pulp and Paper (ABTCP, Associação Brasileira Técnica de Celulose e Papel). 2014.

  • First Prize of Best Service Providers, Specialized Technical Services category, in Petrobras Operating and Production Unit in the States of Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará. PETROBRAS. 2013

  • First Place in Capixabas do Ano Award, Empresário do Ano category, A GAZETA. 2010

  • First Place in MPE-Brasil Award, State of Espírito Santo, Services category, MPE Brasil. 2008

  • First Place in Pau-Brasil Environmental Award, ABTCP ? 41th International Pulp and Paper Congress. 2008

  • First Place in Environmental Award, ABTCP-TAPPI ? 39th International Pulp and Paper Congress and Exhibition. 2006

  • First Place in Environmental Award, ABTCP-TAPPI ? 36th International Pulp and Paper Congress and Exhibition. 2003

  • First Place with Paper of the Greatest Practical Application, State of São Paulo, Pulp and Paper Industry Union. 2001

  • First Place in Tião de Sá Award, Municipal Secretary of the Environment in Vitória (State of Espírito Santo). 1997

  • First Place in Merit Award, ABTCP . 1997