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16 dez 2016

APLYSIA awarded the 'Ecology Prize 2016'

On Wednesday, December the 14th , APLYSIA was awarded the 1st place in the Innovation Category- Solutions for Water Management of the Ecology Prize 2016, with the project ReNaturalize. The winning project ReNaturalize is an innovation initiative from APLYSIA in river restoration that took place in the Atlantic tropical forest in the state of Espírito Santo- Brazil. The project applied a British river restoration technique where large wood was installed in the river channel as a way to improve river processes. The project aimed to reestablish hydrological systems that support healthy and biodiverse aquatic environments. It was also sought to integrate local communities, thus, it was possible to align the demands of these communities with the project objectives.

The solemnity took place at Anchieta Palace, headquarters of the Government of Espírito Santo, and this year's the prize had as a theme "Water Crisis: actions and solutions".

According to the researcher and project developer Carolina Pinto "It was a great achievement to win this award, as recognition for the initiative and also as a mean to disseminate the good practice of river restoration that is used in the UK, spreading the idea of the importance of using innovative practices to solve problems related to water issues and the conservation of our river basins ".