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APLYSIA Assessoria e Consultoria Ltda. respects your privacy. We gather information on your visits by means of our web analytics tools installed in the website (what pages you saw, how much time you spent on the site, whether it was your first visit, technical information, among others), that are used anonymously and are not transferred to other companies.

The information gathered will serve to improve our services in order to continuously increase the user's satisfaction rate in visiting the website. We also gather IP information in order to detect the regions where our services are most popular. Nevertheless, none of this information will be used for mailing list purposes or to identify names of persons or identities.

The personal data records by APLYSIA are intended to establish a contractual bond, or if applicable, the management, administration, provision, expansion and improvement of services to users, in addition to the customization of services to user preferences and tastes, the creation of new services related to these services, the issuance of service updates or of technical, operating and commercial information, by traditional and/or electronic means, on goods and services provided in the website (or through it) and by third parties, currently existing or to be created in the future.

We may occasionally invite you to participate in a survey or poll in order to gather your recommendations on how to improve our services or our website, and similarly to information gathering by means of web analytics tools, all of these will be anonymous.

Such surveys or polls will be held in accordance with ICC/Esomar rules. These rules ensure that participation in any survey is confidential and voluntary, and that their results will not identify respondents individually.

We may combine cookies and other data with your replies to these surveys or polls, yet we assure that this procedure will preserve your anonymity with regard to results.

We will only use the data provided in the “Contact” and “Registration” areas in Services/Training to contact you directly, and no other data will be used for this purpose.

APLYSIA has adopted the legally required levels regarding security for data protection and seeks to install every additional means and measures in order to avoid loss, misuse, change, unauthorized access or undue pilfering of the personal data collected. In particular, APLYSIA uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) safety system, which by means of certification systems allows checking on a website authenticity based on the location where personal data are provided, and also ensures integrity and confidentiality of such data during their transmission. Nonetheless, users must be aware that Internet security measures are not entirely infallible.

Any change in our development of using such data will be reported forthwith in this privacy statement.

Use of cookies by APLYSIA

Cookies are small text files that are saved in your computer by the websites visited by you. They are largely used to save information on your visits and to allow websites to retain marketing information and to improve your visits more and more.

  • There are three kinds of cookies that we use during your visits:
  • 1. Session cookies, that are eliminated at the end of each visit and that provide us with information on the total time of a visit.
  • 2. Persistent cookies that are valid from one visit to another, by means of which we can detect which persons visited the website for the first time or whether it was another visit by the same person.
  • 3. Personalization cookies, for persons who completed the registration form in the contact area.

Information collected by our web analytics tools are intended for anonymous analyses, in order to understand how you use our website, and will serve to improve our areas and to perform comparisons between tools. No personal information will be used by us or transferred to third parties.