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Ecotoxicology Laboratory

By means of a specialized team and its own laboratory for ecotoxicological analyses, APLYSIA has been providing services for a wide variety of areas of the business activity, supporting their administrators with instruments for agility, problem-solving capacity, and assertiveness.

Would you like to know if an effluent released by a company is toxic, the toxicity levels of a chemical, or even if water or sediment are contaminated? All of this is possible through specific toxicity tests performed by APLYSIA, some of which are already recognized in the Brazilian legislation and required by socially responsible companies. In the end, the company, the environment and society will gain.

Ecotoxicological Tests
See below the ecotoxicological tests performed by APLYSIA.
Environmental Risk Assessment of Chemical Inputs used in the Productive Process of Effluent Treatment Plants
A service that prevents environmental accidents and their consequences.
Ecotoxicological Assessment of Waste, Environmental Samples, and Chemicals
An accurate analysis in search of potential damages to the environment of your company