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Ecotoxicological Assessment of Waste, Environmental Samples, and Chemicals

An accurate analysis in search of potential damages to the environment of your company

You should know if your company is potentially capable of causing effects on the environment.

For this reason, APLYSIA performs a complete assessment of the ecotoxicological potential of effluents, collects water and sediments from the sea, river or estuary, and submits them to detailed laboratory analyses to check for pre-existing potential effects on the water body receiving these effluents.

Consequently, APLYSIA professionals may go further to detect causes and solutions.

Moreover, if you want to know the toxic potential of the chemicals produced by your company, APLYSIA performs important tests to detect their toxicity degree, as well as to help developing a Chemical Safety Information Sheet (FISPQ, Ficha de Informações de Segurança de Produtos Químicos).

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