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Treatment of Industrial and Domestic Effluents

Even medium and small companies should treat their effluents from industrial processes (industrial effluents) and those produced by their personnel (domestic effluents) in order to ensure that their disposal in water bodies complies with the legal quality standards. This effort requiresan ongoing and correct interpretation in order to meet society requirements and rationalize operating costs. Through its biologists and specialized laboratories, APLYSIA is able to undertake a completemicrobiological assessment(microbiota health, sludge bacteria, protozoa and metazoa), and the control of the treatment process, with the detection of any possible causes for a decline in performance, the proposal of solutions, as well as cost reductions.

Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) Monitoring
Assessment and interpretation of the reasons for performance decrease of WWTP.
Diagnosis of WWPT
Microbiological study to correct ineffective performance of the plants.
Start-Up of WWTP
Technical qualification is required to adequately operate the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) of your company.
Performance Improvement of the Effluent Treatment Plant and Cost Reduction
How is the Effluent Treatment Plant of your company? Rely on APLYSIA for performance improvement at reduced costs.
Training Courses for WWTP Operators
The more the operator knows about microbiology, the better it is to prevent impacts on the station.