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Requirement Management and Advisory Services along with theControl Bodies

APLYSIA provides all the support that your company needs in order to interact with Environmental Control Bodies.

It is not always possible to have an Environmental team in your own company. Do you need management and advisory support on specific environmental issues? Well then, rely on APLYSIA.

We are specialized in foreseeing impacts, assessing possible consequences, obtaining approval for your enterprise, monitoring your compliance with scientific and legal indicators, involving multiple sustainability approaches, and objectively expressing all of this to the management team of your company, recommending solutions.

We are prepared to understand your requirements and to handle them as may be needed, with full support.

Other Services
Development of Terms of Reference and Environmental Analysis Plans
Sua empresa precisa e pode ganhar tempo na hora de fazer um estudo ambiental.
Environmental Licensing
Conhecimento dos processos para sua empresa adquirir o Licenciamento Ambiental.