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The environmental control requires monitoring in accordance with technical, scientific and legal indicators. This study also includes monitoring of everything disposed of in the environment, by means of an assessment of residues and effluents.

APLYSIA can offer different kinds of monitoring, as well as to analyze/recommend improvement and mitigation actions when applicable, integrating the information collected in executive management reports and that can communicate clearly with managers and control bodies.

We also provide special monitoring pursuant to the Environmental Effects Monitoring Protocol (EEM), of 2015, employed to monitor effluents and regulate water resources in North America and Europe.

We work to ensure the compliance of your company's operations with the legal limits, as established by CONAMA Resolutions related to soil, water quality, effluents, and dredging. With regard to studies for rescuing the fauna and flora that requires protection, APLYSIA is also qualified to perform those.

Environmental Monitoring (Land and Water)
Integrated Environmental Monitoring and delivery of the solution to your company.
Active and Passive Monitoring of Bioaccumulative Compounds
Evaluate the quality of the body receiving an effluent from your company by using bioindicators, and replace the large number of chemical analyses of the water.
Fauna and Flora Rescue
Fauna and flora rescue must take place before the company starts its activities.
Compliance with CONAMA Resolutions 357/2005, 420/2009, 430/2011, 454/2012, and others
APLYSIA is able to provide advisory services related to environmental control issues of your company.
Oceanographic Monitoring
High performance in carrying out physical-chemical, biological and geological monitoring in the marine region.