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River Restoration

River Restoration and Enhancement. An iniciative that can positively change the entire surroundings of your company.

Public institutions and companies have more and more often considered the restoration of water resources. APLYSIA develops and applies techniques to renaturalize streams and rivers, with relevant gains in reducing suspended sediments, flood control and local biota recovery. Simultaneously with riparian reforestation actions, renaturalization of rivers leads to the recovery of banks and increases the ability to store water, thus regulating the flow regime and discharge.

Other Services
Requirement Management and Advisory Services along with theControl Bodies
A APLYSIA oferece todo apoio que sua empresa precisa para atuar junto aos Órgãos de Controle Ambiental.
Performance Improvement of the Effluent Treatment Plant and Cost Reduction
Como está a ETE da sua empresa? Para uma melhor performance com redução de custos, conte com a APLYSIA.