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Oil and Gas

Check below the portfolio of services that APLYSIA can provide to companies of the Oil and Gas sectors. We have in-depth knowledge and are specialized in environmental solutions, for the provision of services such as Monitoring, Well Installations, Environmental Licensing, Improvement of the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Performance, and many others.

  • Environmental monitoring of continental, coastal and oceanic waters.
  • Environmental Licensing.
  • Ecotoxicological monitoring of effluents, drilling fluids, produced water, and environmental samples.
  • Monitoring of the colonization of the fixed platform structure by biofouling organisms and associated fauna.
  • Active monitoring of the effluents using mollusks as hydrocarbon and metal bioindicators.
  • Physical, chemical and ecotoxicological characterization for the diffused fraction and the soluble fraction of drilling fluids, drilling mud, chemicals, petroleum, oils, and suspended particulate fraction of drilling gravel.
  • Assessment of the historical data on the physical, chemical and biological environment.
  • Sampling inspection in oceanographic projects.
  • Development and Deployment of an Environmental Training Plan for Workers (PEAT, Programa de Educação Ambiental aos Trabalhadores).
  • Ecological study of the benthic zone of non-consolidated substrate and coastline in a marine and lake water environments.
  • Performance improvement of Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Development of a Biodiversity Action Plan.
  • Compliance with social and environmental requirements.
  • Installation of multi-level monitoring wells. Collection and analysis of water samples from these wells and development of potentiometric graphs. Assessment of the seasonal fluctuation of the phreatic surface, and the existing ratios between ground water and surface water.