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Other Sectors

APLYSIA also undertakes projects for various sectors such as Food, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar and Ethanol, and Chemical Industry, providing a number of solutions to direct the environmental requirements of these companies. Check below a complete list of services for a wide variety of industries, and count on the APLYSIA team to undertake projects that assess, monitor and map environmental risks.

  • Environmental Licensing.
  • Management of requirements; advisory services to interface with Control Bodies.
  • Development of Reference Terms and Environmental Analysis Plans.
  • Assessment of the environmental risk of chemical inputs used in the productive process of a Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Mapping and Inventory of chemical and toxic load.
  • Environmental monitoring (land and water).
  • Rescue of fauna and flora.
  • Compliance with CONAMA Resolutions 420/2009, 430/2011, 454/2012, and others.
  • Start-up, diagnosis and monitoring of the microbiota of Effluent Treatment Plants.
  • Performance improvement of Effluent Treatment Plants and cost reduction.
  • Environmental awareness training courses for operators.
  • Ecotoxicological assessment of waste, environmental samples, and chemicals.
  • Identification of the cause and source of effluent toxicity, with solutions for reduction/elimination.
  • Integration of environmental data and development of environmental indicators.
  • Development of a Biodiversity Action Plan.