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26 out 2018

APLYSIA and CETREL: A complete and integrated offering of Environmental Solutions.

APLYSIA and CETREL gathered in the prestigious Tangará Palace, an urban oasis in the heart of São Paulo, to announce a business partnership during lunch. The two giants, a Capixaba and another from Bahia, now have joint and complete solutions for Environmental Control. The meeting brought together the President, Directors and Managers of the main pulp and paper mills in Brazil.

The proposal has as an concept an adaptation according to the reality of each plant, and in general, the industries will have in a single provider a COMPLETE and INTEGRATED offer of solutions in the area of ??the environment. The promise is to take a fresh look at the management and execution of Environmental demands.

"This joint action in the development of solutions for all stages of the process, from water collection to waste disposal, results in gains in process management, possibility of integration of results between the most diffuse areas in the factory and speed in environmental and preventive measures so that your business does not stop, and has no waste." says Giulianna Coutinho Mariani, Director of Commercial Relations of APLYSIA.

APLYSIA was born in the fulfillment of environmental demands for the Pulp and Paper Industry, two decades ago, and has a relationship of trust and relationship with industries all over Brazil and its studies follow the Market Evolution - APLYSIA already studies ecological risks of nanocelluloses and microplastics, for example. On the other hand, CETREL, a Bahian and very traditional company in the Petrochemical and Oil and Gas market, with 40 years of market, comes to add to the portfolio of APLYSIA solutions in the area of ??Water Treatment, Effluents, Waste and Energy Recovery.

Through the partnership, the idea is to offer a holistic view of processes focused on operational efficiency, as well as competitive solutions with high added value and agility. "We will have stand alone solutions to complete Environmental Management," says CETREL President Luis Mario Cunha Garcia Chavez.

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